Complete Solutions

Our systems engineers come with years of experience in this industry.

They are fully equipped to provide qualified advice when it comes to your IT setup and can cater to your specific requirements. Our ultimate aim is to make you more efficient. Atom-Tech can be the single point of contact for all your IT needs.

Networking Solutions

Atom-Tech has an outstanding reputation for installing cabling systems, gained through years of experience. Various contractors, Government entities and private companies have outsourced all their cabling needs to us.

We understand the copper and fiber-optic network infrastructure and therefore we have set the correct implementation practices to comply with all international standards. Our clients are assured that the base and foundation of their network is built on the highest grade of standards and according to manufacturers’ recommendations. It, therefore, ensures that their ICT system functions to the best of its ability.

A professionally finished job requires a high standard of products. We never compromise on the standard of the work we execute.

Over the years we have partnered various manufacturers who provide us with the best materials at the best prices. We offer a wide range of products, covering both copper and fiber domains – solid cabling, patch leads, termination jacks, patch panels, wall ports, cable management accessories, network and server cabinets, and related accessories.